How to name ad sets whilst publishing

When publishing new campaigns/ad sets/ads you'll see a field called "Ad set name":

This field is a template for naming the ad sets being created. A number of example templates are available from the drop-down:

You can select and edit a template to your own liking. Or write your own template using any number of dynamic parameters. Here's an example:

"My ad set {template}: {location}, {age}"

The full list of dynamic parameters available:

{template} – Source targeting template name
{location} — Geographic locations targeted
{language} — Languages (locales) targeted
{age} – Age span targeted
{gender} – Gender targeted (unless "All")
{interest} – Detailed targeting (interests, etc)
{audience} – Custom & look-alike audience names
{connection} – Connection names targeted
{placement} – Summary of placement used
{legacy} – Summary description of all targeting (legacy naming scheme)
{#} – Index of ad set in campaign

Parameters sometimes result in blank text, depending on the actual targeting, etc.

The placement summary parameter results in an abbreviated description of the placement. For brevity, it omits the detailed placements such as exact positions, devices, etc:

FB – One or more Facebook positions
IG – One or more Instagram positions
AN – One or more Facebook Audience Network positions
FM – One or more Facebook Messenger positions
desktop – For desktop-only devices
mobile – For mobile-only devices
wifi – For display only when on WiFi

How to rename existing ad sets 

In order to rename your existing ad sets in Qwaya, just follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to the 'My campaigns' section and select the relevant campaign/ad set.
2. Click on 'Name, Time & Budget in the lower tool bar

How to name ads

When publishing, you name your ads in Qwaya the same way you name ad sets (see above):

How to rename existing ads

In order to rename your ads in Qwaya, all you need to do is the following:

1. Navigate to the 'My campaigns' section and select the relevant campaign/ad set.
2. Click on the 'Ads' tab
3. Select the ad that you wish to update and click on the 'Actions' button:

3. Finally, click on 'Rename ad' and enter your desired name.

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