When adding your Facebook user to Qwaya we automatically connect all associated ad accounts. If one or more of your ad accounts associated with your Facebook user is disabled by Facebook for violating their advertising policies, your Facebook user will be blocked in Qwaya and you'll be unable to connect a new one.

To continue using Qwaya you'll need to dispute the ban with Facebook. If they reinstate the ad account(s), the user will be automatically unblocked from Qwaya and you'll also be able to add new Facebook users at this point.

If your ad account has been reinstated, but your user is still blocked in Qwaya, please contact support@qwaya.com and include the confirmation from Facebook.

Please note that we're unable to make any exceptions, as we're actively working with Facebook to ensure a high ad quality. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused and we hope you understand.

You can learn more about Facebook's advertising policies in the article below:

You can check your ad account status and review outstanding issues in this section of the business manager:

If you believe your ad account has been disabled unfairly or by mistake, please contact Facebook by following the link below:

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