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1. What is a Dynamic Creative

2. How to create a Dynamic Creative in Qwaya

3. Things to bear in mind

What is a Dynamic Creative?

The Dynamic Creative feature enables Facebook to automatically experiment with different ad creative variations and delivers the best combination to your audience.

The feature aims to find the optimal ad creative combination per impression by gathering data on how different combinations of your ad's image, title, description, and other assets perform across audiences.

This feature automatically builds and displays the best creative for groups of people in your broader target audience, making it easier to efficiently explore numerous creative combinations and audiences. If you’re unsure what creative combinations work best for the people in your target audiences, Dynamic Creative can help you by automating the creative testing workflow and applying the results to improve performance.

You can learn more about Dynamic Creatives in the articles below:

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How to create a Dynamic Creative in Qwaya

In order to create a Dynamic Creative in Qwaya, all you need to do is head to the 'Create ads' section, select your Facebook page and then select 'Link ad':

Under the 'Creative format' drop-down field, you will notice three options:

  1. Standard - Separate ads for each creative asset (not a dynamic creative)

  2. Dynamic ● Single - Facebook dynamic creatives in single image format

  3. Dynamic ● Carousel - Facebook dynamic creatives in carousel format

Next, select your desired format and enter your creative assets (images, text blocks, link, etc.)

Once you're happy with the content, click on 'Use creative' and/or 'Save as a new template'.

Once your Dynamic Creative is visible on the 'Creative canvas' simply continue the usual audience creation and publishing process.

Note: When selecting a dynamic format, all images and blocks of text added to the creative editor will be visible as one creative on the 'Creative canvas', after generating.



Things to bear in mind

  • Insights are limited to ad-level for this type of creative, so it isn’t possible to track the combinations that work the best.

  • You can only have a single dynamic creative ad per ad set.

  • Non-dynamic ads cannot be added to a dynamic ad set.

  • An ad cannot be deleted/archived. The ad set must be deleted/archived instead.

  • Existing Qwaya creative templates can easily be switched to and from this creative format.

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