The dashboard is the first place you will arrive to when you log in. In the dashboard you can see the Facebook user account you have connected to Qwaya and the Facebook ad accounts that this Facebook user is an admin or a general user of.

1. Qwaya logo: Click on the Qwaya logo to go back to the Dashboard.

2. Select ad account: Select what ad account you wish to work with.

3. Give Feedback: If you have any feedback such as feature request or any user experience related feedback please click here to send it to us.

4. Support: Go to our support section to find answers to frequently asked questions, consult our user guide or file a question to our support team.

5. Settings: In the Settings drop down you will be able find:

- Facebook connections to connect more Facebook user accounts.
 - Qwaya Users to invite your colleagues.
 - Google Analytics to connect your Google Analytics account and set up the tracking profile.
 - Plans & Billings to view your current plan, upgrade, downgrade or cancel your account.
 - Company details to update your company information.
 - My profile to see your login email address.
 - Change Password to get a password reset email.
 - Log out from Qwaya.

6. Facebook ad accounts: You will be able to see all the Facebook ad accounts that your Facebook user is an admin or a general user of. If you have an unnamed Facebook ad account you will see a number id representing the Facebook ad account id.

If you haven’t renamed your ad account we suggest you to do it since it will give you a better overview of your accounts.

To add a Facebook ad account you need to ask the Ad account owner to add you as a general users of the ad account. In Facebook he/she can add your profile in the Settings tab and you will be able to see the ad account in Qwaya.

To see your published campaigns and start creating new ones, simply click on the Ad account you want to work with. Remember that you will not be able to start your advertising on Facebook if you don’t have any funding in your Facebook ad account.

7.  Facebook user: Here you will see the Facebook user accounts that you have connected to Qwaya. If you want to connect more Facebook user accounts please navigate to Facebook Connections.

8. Connect ad accounts: You can connect more Facebook users and ad accounts here.

In the ad account overview you will see some aggregated metrics for your ad account.

At the moment you are not able to customise the metrics or export the graphs on the ad account overview.

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