Our Ad set rules helps you control your ad sets. This can be especially helpful if you are running a lot of different ad sets and want to make sure not to surpass certain criteria on them. The rules feature will help you to pause ad sets depending on your preferences. You can easily choose what criteria, or rules, should trigger the pausing of the ad set, and when the pausing should take place.

Select an ad set

In order to set up rules go to “My Campaigns” and select the ad set(s) you want to set a new rule for. The bottom pane becomes eligible, click on “Ad set Rules” to get started.

Now you are ready to set up the rules for the selected ad set

Click on “New ad set rule” to start setting up your rules.

You will now receive 5 fields prompting the set up of the rule.
 The fields are: If (1)Impressions (2)exceeds (3)X (4)in Lifetime(5)pause.

The italic words are the variables you edit for the rule. The different options are explained more in detail below:

1. Choose which metric should trigger the rule. You can select between a lot of different metrics for the rule.

2. Select what should happen with this metric to trigger the rule. This can be either of two things

  • Exceeds

  • Falls below

3. Type in the number you wish to either exceed or fall below in order to trigger the rule. You don’t need to convert from percentage to decimals.

For example, if you want the rule to be “Pause ad set if CTR falls below 0.01%” you can type in 0.01.

The currency is automatically set to the currency in you ad account.

4. Select the time period that should be used to calculate the rule. Possible choices are:

  • lifetime

  • last 24 hours

  • last 2 days

  • last 3 days

  • last 7 days

  • last 14 days

  • last 28 days

5. The ad set/ad rules can only pause ads/ad sets. Please note that you're unable to reactivate or increase bid/budget with rules at present.

Click “New ad set rule” if you wish to add more rules. If you add multiple rules the ad set will be paused if ANY of the rules are triggered.

Set the condition for the rule and get email notifications

After setting up the rule(s) you need to add a condition for the rule, when you want to activate the the rule. Click on “Settings” in order to add the condition.

A pop-up will open where you can set up when you want to activate the ad set rule.

If you set the condition to “Activate rule when impressions exceed 10000”. This means that the rules will not be applicable until the ad set has more than 10000 impressions. This is measured by the lifetime statistics of the ad. For example, if your ad spend is already $20 and you wish to activate the rule after a further $10 is spent, you would need to set $30 as the activation value.

If you choose to get an email it will be sent to the email address listed in your Qwaya account. In order to change the email address, go to Account Settings in the right top menu.

Click “Save”.

Activate and Save your rules

When you are done editing your rules and setting up the thresholds for them, activate the Rule by switching the on/off button to on and click “Save”.

The ad set Rule is active when the dot next to “Ad set Rules” is blue and not grey and the status icons in front of the ad sets are red instead of grey.

If you wish to save your rules but not turn them on right away, add rules, inactivate them by switch off the grid and press “Save”. The Ad set Rule is inactive when the dot next to “Ad set Rules” is grey instead of blue. The next time you select the same ad set and go into “Ad set Rules” you will see the rules you created the last time for that campaign.

If you want to remove a rule, click on the cross to the right of the rule.


Once every 15 minutes the rule engine will check if the criteria of the rule is reached. If it is reached the rule will be triggered. If the criteria is not reached nothing will happen during 15 minutes until the rule engine looks again if the rule should be triggered or not.

Example: You set up a rule that the ad set should be paused when clicks exceed 500.
 At 2:59 pm the campaign has received 498 clicks. At 3 pm the rule engine checks if the rule should be triggered, since clicks still haven’t exceeded 500 it will not pause the ad set. The next time it will check the rules is at 3:15 pm and if clicks have exceeded 500 this time it will pause the campaign.

Please note that if you run a campaign with a high daily budget it is likely that the ad set/ad will receive a lot of impressions or clicks during a short time period. Please keep this in mind when setting up the rules.

The relationship between Rules and Scheduling

It is important to understand the relationship between rules and scheduling. If an ad set or ad has been paused due to a rule, the scheduling feature will not activate it even if it is set to run time wise.

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