The purpose of ad rotation is to combat ad fatigue and lets you rotate the ads in an ad set so that only a subset of them is shown at any one time. Ad fatigue is a common problem in online advertising where the audience tends to click less on the ads after being exposed to them a few times. As the click-through rate decreases, your actual cost per click will typically increase.

Instead of changing the ads manually once in a while to combat ad fatigue you can use Qwaya’s ad rotation to save time and automate your advertising.

How to set up ad rotation

Navigate to ‘My Campaigns’ and select your campaign in the left hand sidebar. Select the ad set in the main grid for which you want its ads rotated. Once you have selected one or multiple ad sets, “Ad rotation” becomes clickable in the bottom toolbar.

Decide how often to rotate ads

You can control how often you want to change which ads are active. Each time ads in an ad set are rotated, the active ads are paused and a set of new ads are activated. The rotation always occurs on midnight UTC (more about this below).

Decide how many ads to show in each rotation

You can decide how many ads you want to have active at any one time. You can choose to show from 1 ad at the time to half the ads in the ad set. If you have an uneven number of ads in the ad set, Qwaya will round up the amount of ads shown per rotation.

Example: If you have 7 ads in the ad set, 4 will be active in each rotation. This means that for each rotation one ad will keep running in the next rotation. Let’s call your 7 ads A, B, C, D, E, F and G. In the first rotation ads A-D are active. As the ads are rotated Qwaya will pause the active ads and activate the next four. Since there only three left however, the next four will include ad A. So the rotation schedule will look like this:

Rotation 1: A B C D

Rotation 2: E F G A

Rotation 3: B C D E

Rotation 4: F G A B

And so on.

If the number of ads is larger than 20 you can choose to rotate up to 20 ads in increments of 1 and then in increments of 5 after that.

Activate and save

Activate ad rotation by switching the on/off button to on and press “Save”.

When the ad rotation is activated the dot on the Ad rotation button turns blue.

If you want to save your ad rotation but not turn it on right away, inactivate it by switching the on/off button to off and press “Save”. The Ad rotation is inactive when the dot next to “Ad rotation” is grey instead of blue. The next time you select the same ad set and go into “Ad rotation” you will see the rotation you created the last time.

When does the ad rotation start?

Your ads will start rotating when you activate and click Save. Each rotation will then take place at midnight UTC.

Example: You have selected to rotate your ads each day, you have 2 ads in each rotation and you activate ad rotation at 3 pm UTC. The ad rotation will start at once and the first two ads will be active. At midnight UTC the next rotation will take place and two new ads will be active.

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