Please see important notes at the bottom of this article before enabling the scheduling feature.

With scheduling you can select during what days and what hours of the day you want to run your ad sets.

You can find our scheduling feature in the ‘My Campaigns’ section.

To activate scheduling select your campaign in the left hand sidebar and the ads set(s) you want to set up Scheduling on.

Click on ‘Scheduling’ in the bottom toolbar.

In this article we will go through:

  1. Reference time

  2. Using the grid

  3. Activate and pause scheduling

  4. Change the scheduling

  5. Sidebars and icons

Reference time

You will schedule your campaigns to run according to the reference time. The reference time is set to the same time zone as your Facebook ad account. You can find the reference ad account time in the bottom right side of the scheduling pane.

Remember that if you are running the campaigns with different target countries you will be running ads at different real time for the Facebook user since we only have one reference time.

Example: Your reference time is X pm (Europe/Stockholm). You have scheduled to run your campaign on weekdays between 2.00 pm – 8.00 pm. This means that people in Europe will see the ads between 2.00 pm – 8.00 pm on weekdays. However, if you also target people in (America/New York) in the scheduled campaigns, they will see the campaigns much earlier, or exactly 6 hours earlier, which is the time difference between Europe/Stockholm and America/New York.

Please be aware of time differences while setting up campaign scheduling. A good practice can be to make sure you do not include different target countries in the same campaigns to avoid confusion.

Using the grid

The scheduling grid is divided in rows and columns. Each row represents a day of the week and each column represents one hour of the day. You can choose to view the hours either with a 12-hour am/pm clock or with a 24-hour clock.

In order to begin setting the hour and day simply click where you want to begin the scheduling. Then drag the marker to select the hours you wish the campaign to run for. You can select the hour down to per 15 minutes for accuracy. The grid is dynamic and you can drag and drop previous selections at your convenience into different hours and days. You can also right click to get a drop down with multiple editing options

Activate and pause scheduling

In order to activate scheduling switch the on/off button to on. To save your scheduling simply click on the save button at the bottom left corner of the window. Your campaign will receive the “scheduling” icon in the side bar to mark it is activated. Please note that the scheduler override the changes you do in Facebook. If you manually pause a campaign in Facebook at 2 pm that according to the scheduler should run everyday from 8 am to 5 pm, it will start running again at 2:15 pm until 5 pm since the scheduler will try to activate it. If you want to stop running your campaigns you need to inactivate the scheduling and then pause the campaign.

Change scheduling

If you wish to change the details of the scheduling, i.e. the hour or day of the scheduling, simply move around or change the selected fields at your convenience. Once you have made your changes click on the Save button to save your new scheduling hours and days.

You can identify if your campaign has been scheduled and the status of the scheduling with the icons in the sidebar. The icons will be red if they are scheduled, either a red play icon or a red pause icon depending on their status.

Important notes

1. We update Qwaya’s campaign scheduling every 15 minutes. This means that potentially we could run campaigns 15 minutes longer than scheduled because of the delay in time compared to your scheduling.

Example: You set your campaign to run until 5.00 PM o’clock. We updated the scheduling at 4.59 PM and didn’t stop your campaign since it should run for one more minute. Since the next update is at 5.14 PM your campaign will have run 14 minutes over due time.

2. Qwaya will automatically disable scheduling if one or more of the following statements is true:

  • Your Qwaya subscription has expired

  • Your Facebook access token no longer valid

  • Your Ad account has been closed

  • The Campaign no longer active (i.e. paused/archived)

  • The Ad set was paused by a rule

  • The Ad set is no longer active (i.e. is passed/archived)

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