When connecting your Facebook user to Qwaya, we automatically pull in all Facebook pages associated with your Facebook user. Please note that your Facebook user must be assigned to the page and have advertiser permissions or higher.

To view your connected pages, head to the dashboard (by clicking on the Qwaya logo) and click on "Facebook connections":

Click on the relevant user to display a list of associated ad accounts, pages and other Facebook entities. If your desired page is not listed, there's a good chance that the page isn't associated with your user.

To become an advertiser or admin of a page, the page admin needs to add your Facebook user to the page in Business Settings.

Your user must have the following permissions over the page:

If you're still unable to see your Facebook page, ensure that Qwaya has the correct permissions.

Qwaya Facebook app can manage pages:

Qwaya can manage the specific page:

If your page is still unavailable after taking the above into consideration, please contact support@qwaya.com and we'll be happy to help

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