With Carousel ads you can showcase up to 10 different images/videos within a single ad unit, on desktop or mobile. Each product highlighted will have its own image/video, description and link.

1. Click the ad account you want to work with and navigate to the 'Create ads' tab.

2. Click on the page that you want to be the sender of the ad.

3. Select to create a Carousel ad.

4. Fill out the different fields. If you want to see what you’re entering please hover over the small questions marks.

Each Multi-product ad has one message, but you can showcase three different products with separate descriptions and links. When someone clicks on the image, they will get to the link.

  1. Objective: In Qwaya the objective is set when creating an ad. If you want to publish to an existing campaign, ensure the objective matches the existing campaign.

  2. Message: The post text in the top of the ad.

  3. See more link: In the bottom of the ad there is a see more link. Link to the product category page or the website.  

  4. Card order: Choose whether to display the cards in order or top performing first.

  5. Page card: Add an additional card with your page profile picture if desired.

  6. Title: Each product has a title, max amount of characters: 35.

  7. Description: Put in a short description about each product, max amount of characters: 30

  8. Link: This is the link to the specific product. It will not be visible, but when the viewer clicks on the image they will be redirected to the destination URL. If you use our Google Analytics integration or create URLs using our URL builder we will add the tracking links to these URLs.

  9. Call to action: Add a call to action button to each card if desired.

  10. Add media: Choose between an image, video or gif for each of your cards

  11. Placements: Define the placement options for your ad

5. Click on "Save as new template" as in order to save your multi-product ad for future use.

6. Click on 'Use creative' in order to generate your creatives

7. You can now see your ad in the Create Ads view. Hover over the placement option to preview the ad.

8. Proceed to Set targeting to set up your target audience and publish your ads to Facebook.

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