Select Photo ad under the "Unpublished Page post ads" section.

Add post texts

Type in the post texts you want. You can add multiple texts to test what works bests. In the example above I have added two texts. To get line breaks, simply hold shift and click return.

The recommended number of characters for the post text depends on which placement you choose.

  • Mobile Newsfeed: 110 characters

  • Desktop Newsfeed: 500 characters

  • Right-hand column: 90 characters

  • All placements: 90 characters

Add images

You can add multiple images to your template. In the example above I have added three different images. Qwaya will create one ad for each combination of the post texts and images, in this case, I will get nine different ads. Don’t forget that your images can’t contain more than 20% text, here you can test your images.

Your post will look different depending on where it shows on Facebook. It may also display differently if you use a smaller than recommended image size. The recommended image width is 1200 pixels.


You can edit your placement options by clicking on the default placement at the bottom of this section or by clicking on the "Add" button.

Save your unpublished page post ads as a creative template

When you are done adding your post texts and images you can choose to save the creative as a template by clicking on the “Save as” button. A new window will open where you can create folders in which to save the template. Give the template and the folders a name by describing the content of the templates so you can identify them quickly. You will find your templates in the ‘Use Template’ tab in the left-hand sidebar of the “Create Ads” section.

You can also skip saving the template. In this case click on the “Create” button when you are done adding titles, bodies and images. If you chose to not save the ad creative as a template the content will not be saved for future use but you will have all the creative added to the Preview creative field in the main window.

Once you have generated the unpublished page post Photo ads creative you are ready for the next step. Go to “Set Targeting” to set up your targeting for the generated creatives.

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