In order to create Page like ads all you need to do is the following:

1. Click on the Page for which you want to increase Page likes.

2. Click on 'Link ad' under the 'Unpublished Page post ads' section:

3. Select "Page likes" as the objective and ensure the "Like Page" call to action is selected:

All link description fields can be left empty and anything can be filled in to the actual link field. All will be auto-replaced when generating the ad creative.

When editing the generated ad creative you'll be able to see the "correct" link URL:

Save your page like ads as a creative template

When you are done adding the titles, body texts and images you can choose to save the creative as a template by clicking on the “Save as” button. A new window will open where you can create folders in which to save the template. Give the template and the folders names describing the content of the templates so you can identify them quickly. You will find your templates in the Use Template tab in the left hand sidebar in “Create Ads”

You can also skip saving the template. In this case click on the “Use” button when you are done adding titles, bodies and images. You will get prompted if you want to save the creative as a template again. If you chose “No” the creative content will not be saved for future use but you will have all the creative added to the Selected creative field in the main window.

Once you have generated the Facebook object creative you are ready for the next step. Go to “Set Targeting” to set up your targeting for the generated creatives. Read more about generating the targeting.

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