1. Go to ‘Create Ads’ and select to create an ad for one of your pages.

  • URL: Add the destination URL.

  • Caption: This is the URL that will be visible in the ad.

  • Add post text: This is the copy of the ad. It will be placed above the image. Make sure to clearly explain what you are promoting with max 90 characters.

  • Add name: Tell people what your ad is about. The name will be placed below the image and you can use 25 characters.

  • Add description: Describe why people should visit your website with max 199 characters.

  • Add Images: The image aspect ration should be 1.91:1. In order for the image to render the best in all placements the size should be 1200x627px. The recommended size for desktop news feed is 400×209 px and for mobile news feed 560×292 px.

  • Placement: Unpublished Page Post Link ads can be shown on all placements on Facebook.

Save your Unpublished Page Post Link ads as a creative template

When you are done adding, titles, texts and images you can save the ad creatives as a template by clicking on the “Save as” button. A new window will open where you can create folders in which to save the template. Give the template and the folders names describing the content of the templates so you can identify them easily. You will find your templates in the Use Template tab in the left hand sidebar in “Create Ads”

You can also skip saving the template. In this case click on the “Create” button when you are done adding titles, bodies and images. The ad creative content will not be saved for future use but you will have all the ad creative added to the Preview field in the main window.

Once you have generated the external website creative you are ready for the next step. Go to “Set Targeting” to set up your targeting for the generated creatives.

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