Ad templates and targeting templates

You can use templates both for ad creatives and targeting, we recommend to use both. Once you saved your work as templates you can reuse them in the future.

When to use templates

An example to illustrate the benefits of working with templates is a scenario where you identified an ad that is performing well and you want to tweak it slightly to see if you can get even better performance. The templates will enable you to find the creative and targeting of that particular ad quickly and generate a new ad, whether it is the creative part or the targeting part, based on the old ad.

Ad creative templates

To get started designing your ad creative templates navigate to the “Create ads” tab.

1. Select your Facebook page and choose an ad type. For this example we will create a Link ad.

2. When the window appears select the ad type in the left hand side bar. Each ad type has a different window since they all require different content. Fill out all the fields and click “Save as”.

3. Create a folder if desired, give the template a name and click 'Save to ad account'.

4. Your template will appear in the ‘Use template’ tab in left hand sidebar.

5. Right click on the template to use, open, rename, duplicate or delete the template. You can also drag the template into the active field on the right.

Targeting templates

Qwaya supports and recommends the use of templates for your targeting work. This means that you can save your targeting work as templates and use it again in the future for new ads. Since finding a good targeting sometimes takes time and requires fine-tuning, it is wise to save all your targeting work as templates. By doing so you will be able to reuse old targeting work and do changes to old templates instead setting up news ones from scratch each time you want to create a new targeting. This will save you time and help you find the correct targeting easier.

1. Click on “Set Targeting” and the “New targeting” button to activate the template window.

2. A new window for creating the targeting will pop up and here you will need to fill in preferences for your targeting. Click ‘Save as’.

3. Your template will appear in the left hand sidebar.

4. Right click on the template to use, open, rename, duplicate or delete the template.

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