Please note that your account must be whitelisted in order to use view tags.

With view tags you can track conversions that take place on your website after users
have seen your ad on Facebook, but not necessarily clicked it. When using view tags for your ads, a cookie is dropped on the user’s computer as your ad is shown. If the user at a later stage visits the page on your website where you have installed the tracking script from your view tag provider, the conversion will be attributed to that view tag.

It is currently not possible to see statistics for view tags in Qwaya, which means that you will get the conversion data via your view tag provider. Only tag providers approved by Facebook are eligible and though we unfortunately can’t share these we encourage you to contact your view tag provider to see if they are on the list.

How to use view tags in Qwaya

  1. Go to “My campaigns”
  2. Select the “Ads view”
  3. Select the ad you want to append a view tag to
  4. Open “Tracking” in the bottom pane
  5. Insert the view tag in the input field “View tag url”
  6. Hit “Update”

To change the view tag on an ad where you already have added one, go through the same process as for adding a new view tag.

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