If you want to create a custom tracking URL you can use our URL builder in the Publish ads tab.

Click on Generate X ads to access the Campaigns Settings pop-up. 

Go to Tracking Settings and select Custom. You can create your own tracking keys and select among multiple variables.

If you create Unpublished Page posts, the variables with be added as URL tags and if you create Domain ads they will be added directly to the URL.

The Tracking settings will be saved on an ad account and Qwaya user level.

Please note: If you use Qwaya’s conversion tracking you need to select the Ad id parameter in order to get your order data into Qwaya.

Identify your ads

In the ‘My Campaigns’ tab and the ‘Ads view’ you can see your destination URL and the URL tags.

Select the ad and click on ‘Creative’ in the bottom toolbar. In the URL tags field you can see the URL tags.

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