If you have enabled Google Analytics tracking for your ads, each ad will get a unique destination URL when shown on Facebook. Enable the Google Analytics tracking from the Tracking panel when publishing ads.

Qwaya adds Google Analytics URL parameters to the url_tags field. We use Facebook dynamic URL parameters and will always set these values:

  • utm_source = facebook

  • utm_medium = cpc

  • utm_campaign = {{campaign.name}}

  • utm_term = {{adset.name}}

  • utm_content = {{ad.name}}



Note: When making changes to the campaign, ad set or ad names after publishing, the new names will not be reflected in UTM tags. You can learn more about this in Facebook's help article.

Customise Google Analytics parameters

You can customise the Google Analytics UTM parameters by entering them as custom keys and values. Any custom URL parameter will override the default Google Analytics URL parameters specified above. You can learn more in this article.

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