Insights metrics for Pages and Page posts will help you make better decisions when deciding which Page posts to sponsor, and also give you an idea of how your advertising impacts your overall reach on Facebook.

To access Page and Page post insights, go to the Create ads tab and select one of your Pages. To see Page post insights, select Page post ads from the ad type menu on the left hand side.

A few tips on how this feature works:

  1. Likes – the overall like count for your Page

  2. Reach last 7 days – how many people saw your Page’s content (mouse over for details)

  3. View on Facebook – Link to the Page post on Facebook, especially useful for Unpublished posts

  4. Reach – How many people have seen a particular post

  5. Engagement – how people have interacted with a particular post

Important note

To get insights data for your Page, you will need to ensure Qwaya has the right permissions. If you don’t get these statistics, the Facebook user account must be reconnected and all permission requests must be accepted.

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