Our Graph feature helps you analyse campaigns with illustrative graphs. This will help you identify trends more quickly and consequently help you in your optimisation work. We support graphical reporting both on a campaign and ad level reporting. In order to view graphs go to ‘My campaigns’ and select the campaign you’re interested in from the left sidebar. Once you have made the selection you can open the graph from the bottom of the toolbar with a graph representing the stats for the campaign or ad selected.

Compare metrics

At Qwaya you can compare three different metrics if you are viewing one campaign or ad at the time. 

Each metric, such as, impressions, clicks or CTR will have its own vertical axis with a unique colour to enhance the visual presentation of the stats.

You can also choose to view and compare up to 5 campaigns or 5 ads simultaneously, each represented by its own graph. If you want to view more than 5 campaigns or ads simultaneously we will combine or summarise the graphs to one.

When you have selected multiple campaigns or ads you can choose to show the selected campaigns or ads as individual graphs or as a combined graph.

View individual or combined graphs

If you select to view individual graphs per campaign or ad you can view up max 5 campaigns or ads at the time. In this case you can compare one metric at the time between the selected campaigns or ads.

If you select to view a combined graph you can select to view an unlimited amount of campaigns or ads simultaneously. You will get a combined/summarised graph for all the campaigns or ads you have selected. In this work mode you can also compare three different metrics. Each metric will have its own vertical axis.

Time interval

You have three different viewing modes. Choose to view your graphs by month, week or day.

Date range

It is important to set a date range when you view graphs. You can’t view graphs with a lifetime or single day date range.

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