The ‘Ads view’ has several powerful reporting features to help you analyse your ads more easily. At the top of the main section you have a menu bar with several buttons to help you view your ads.

Statistical reports

You can choose to generate default reports with the help of our predefined reports button. This gives you a quick overview of the most common parameters to analyse the performance of your campaigns.


In this section you can choose columns manually for your reporting. The columns are segmented into different categories in order to have a better overview of all the columns available.

Sort by

Simply sort your data by clicking on the column you wish to sort by.

Group by

Choose what type of group you wish to list in order to understand better what types of ads are generating good results. You have an array of parameters to group by. Use the drop down menu to choose one.

Feature example: Group by image to identify quickly what image is generating the best results.

You can select if you wish to see the groups expanded or not.

You are also able to sort inside of the different groups, simply click on the column you wish to sort by.

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