In the ‘Manage Campaigns’ tab you are able to analyse the results of your campaigns. At the top of the main section you have a menu bar with several buttons to help you view your campaigns at your convenience.

Statistical reports

Canned reports

You can choose to generate default reports with the help of our predefined reports button. This gives you a quick overview of the most common parameters to analyse the performance of your campaigns.

With this button you will be able to choose a preferred statistical report mode with only one click. You can easily switch between different work modes to check different parameters in your ads. There are four predefined work modes:

  • Basic – Displays the basic statistical results of the ads
  • Goal – For those who use Google analytics to track goals
  • Transaction – For those who use Google analytics to track transactions
  • Social – Shows socially important parameters such as actions
  • My custom – Create your own report by adding your preferred metrics

You are able to expand the report with the metrics you wish to view by clicking on Columns in the menu.

To reset the view simply click on “Reset Views”. Please note that you will reset all your views.

Identify your customer’s Actions

An action occurs when someone interacts with your page, app or event. It can be a page like, a comment, a photo view, an app install, event rsvp etc (see complete list below).

Start by selecting to view the Social statistics report. You are then able to identify what action has occurred in two ways:

Click on the Action Total metric to get a callout specifying the actions that has happened.

Click on Columns and select the Actions you wish to view.

You will get one column per action selected.

These are the actions available:

For ads pointing to Pages:For ads pointing to Apps:Page likes Installs Page Post likes Uses Comments Number of times credits were spent in-app @mentions  Check-ins For ads pointing to Events: Photo tags RSVP (yes and maybe) Page post shares (including offer shares)  Offer claims  Answers to a question  Follows on a question  Photo view  

Custom report

You are able to create your own custom report by selecting the fifth option in the report list, My custom statistics.

You are able to create your own report by selecting the metrics you want to view in “Columns”.

The columns will be saved until you click on Reset Views. Please note that you will reset all your views.

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