In order to cancel your account all you need to do is head to 'Settings' then "Plans & billings":

Under your current plan, invoices, payment method and email, you'll see a ‘Cancel or pause subscription’ button:

All you need to do is click this button and complete the cancellation form in order to pause your subscription.

You will still have access to your current subscription until the last day of your current billing cycle, so you can still publish ads and take part of the features you have paid for. Once the current billing cycle ends you'll be downgraded and your account will be dormant. 

All campaigns, ad sets and ads published via Qwaya will still be accessible in Facebook directly. Your templates, folders, and images created in Qwaya will be deleted after 1 year along with your other personal data.

If you login and select a new plan within a year, your account should be as you left it (though you'll need to reconnect your Facebook user).

If you want to be sure that your templates are saved, you should keep your subscription running. Qwaya reserves the right to remove your data once your subscription is inactive.

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